Load reduction relay x-track '84 cgt

Graham Thackrah gthack at geog.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Aug 1 13:37:08 EDT 2002

Hi there,

Last time I had a problem with that circuit it was the ignition switch
that was faulty. The lr relay gets its switching feed from the ign switch
and if that's duff you get no lights, fan etc etc. Not sure if what you
have matches that but when I had that problem my car was running, the fp
was running alright. Are you sure (I can't remember if it is or not!) the
fp is in the x track switched by the lr relay? I'm not sure that would
make sense as you don't want the fp switched off with the other bits
and bobs when you turn the ignition key do you? Anyway, if you can find
the feed for the lr relay coming *from* the ign switch, check it when you
turn the key to start the car. May also be worth wiggling the key a bit to
see if that temporarily "fixes" the problem.

keep us posted with how it works out



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