re. Finding boost leaks

Ben Swann bswann at
Thu Aug 1 10:04:24 EDT 2002

[  Hey all. I'm still trying to track down what I think is a boost leak.
I can hear rushing air when I'm under boost, even the slightest bit, and I
let off the throttle.
 The car stalls immediately when I remove the oil cap, and stumbles a bit
when I remove the dip stick. I did find a leak around the distr., but I
replaced the O-ring and no more leak there.
 I also tried isolating all the hoses from the air box to the intake
by first removing the hose to ECU and plugging it at the IM. Also, removed
the hose from air box to turbo at air box and capped it off. Then removed
hose that branches off from the IC to IM hose, and that's where I put in
compressed air. I could see all the hoses bulge, but also could hear the
escaping somewhere.
 How the heck can I find where the air is leaking? All the hoses have been
replaced in the last 2 years, so I'm hoping that one ain't split.
 One more thing. I have my mixture adjusted as per Martin Pajack. When the
car is full throttle, mostly when hot under hood, it stumbles and loads up.
Is that a symptom of the above complaint?
 Sorry its so long!

I would look for a small perforation in the MichelinMan(intercooler to
throttlebody hose), as this is quite common.  It is possible that you have
a leak in the intercooler which is only detectable under boost.

Hope this helps.


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