Further Instrument Cluster Investigations

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 1 14:44:41 EDT 2002

Having verified that UrS instrument clusters use the same harness
I'm left to wonder what the differences are between:

'92 S4 printed circuit board 4A0 919 059M
'91 200 printed circuit board 443 919 059AD

'92 S4 outer circuit board (the one on the very back of the cluster) 4A0
919 064H
'91 200 447 919 064BD

What I did find was that all 100s and 200s use the same printed circuit
boards but
the outer board that has some stuff for the trip computer, etc. are
probably due to the boost gauge and some other differences in the turbo

Has anyone tried swapping the two? Meaning, using a S4 printed circuit
board in
a type 44 or vice versa?

According to the diagrams, they look very similar in dimension as well,
with the
additional width in the cluster coming from the cluster package itself
and the
differences in the aux. gauge area.


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