'81 4k no start

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Aug 1 14:02:50 EDT 2002

Keith Lawyer writes:
> '81 4k, 1.7l (hey, it gets me to work!)
> [ poor running and won't start sometimes ]

> How sensitive are these cars to vac leaks?

Yes, quite.  That large black boot may have some additional cracks in places
that you can't see, like underneath, and in its connections to various
vacuum hoses.  Speaking of vacuum hoses, those plastic ones use braided
pieces as a join and over time they too can crack and leak.  Also check
the additional hoses in the intake system near the intake manifold,
like the ones to the auxiliary air regulator under the throttle body,
the crankcase ventilation hoses, brake booster hose, etc.

> O2 sensor doesn't come into
> play during cold cranking, does it?


> Is it possible I have a problem
> w/vac advance on the dist?  Come to think of it, what drives the dist on
> this motor (it sits so low?)?

There is an intemediate shaft inside the block that's driven by the timing

> Are these interference motors, never did
> look at the timing belt!?

It's non-interference.

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