nac: Turbo mag WRX w/375.9 whp

auditude at auditude at
Thu Aug 1 17:39:29 EDT 2002

Hey list,

Damn, at the grocery store last night I thumbed through the Turbo and Hi-Tech Performance magazine, and they have a feature on a WRX that's been tweaked and supposedly dynoed at 375.9 "whp", which must mean hp at the wheels?

Among the many changes they made, they replaced the factory ecu with a plug-in programmable version made by Link.  Maybe that's the kind of stuff Link's so busy with that they can't make me a wire-in ecu for my 4kstq.

I didn't catch what kind of redline or rpm that measurement was taken at, but maybe those things rev pretty high?  I know that Ferrari V8's have a "flat" crank that has different characteristics than an American V8.  Do the boxer-type/WRX motors have a similar architecture that similarly puts out the power?

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I just had to comment that that is a ridiculous amount of hp to get out of most cars, especially a 2.0 liter.  Damn.

So I have to get more than out of my car then, otherwise I'll be beaten by a subie, at least on paper.  :-P



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