Finding Boost Leaks

rocketscienceracing at rocketscienceracing at
Thu Aug 1 23:37:14 EDT 2002

What we did in the Talon/Eclipse world was make a gadget
out of PVC pipe and an airline fitting. You then removed
the airbox and placed it over the air inlet hose to the
turbo, sealed it with rubber plumbing fitting and a
couple of hose clamps and pressurized it to whatever
pressure you wanted to run the turbo at, say 13 PSI for
example. Without the engine running it was easy to find
the leaks by sound and feel. It is also good for
identifying at what pressure your bypass valve will
start leaking at (a weak spot on the Talons).

Home Depot has everything you need. Go to the plumbing
department and buy a PVC end cap of the right diameter,
an air line fitting (the end that would go on an air
tool), drill the cap and put the fitting in with a
little RTV around it so it doesn't leak. Also buy a
rubber plumbing coupler and a couple of hose clamps in
the appropriate sizes.

You do need to have a compressor, of course, but then
you're not a real gearhead if you don't (just kidding :-)


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