Avant = Delivery van?

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Aug 2 01:44:36 EDT 2002


In Belgium pick-ups can be registered as professional delivery or whatever
utility vehicles, which lowers the registration tax fro mwhatever it is (it
can reach 5000 Euros, no typo!) down to 60 Euros... I don't remember
exactly if the annual tax is reduced as well but a lot of people import BIG
american pick-ups with huge V8s and run them on LPG... just for the
information, the annual tax for a 2.2l engine is 385 Euros (paid it last
month, duh!) and for a 4.2l engine it costs about 1500 Euros... this is the
main reason why most of the cars here have either 1.9l diesels (TDIs) or
1.1l- 1.6l gas engines which tax is pretty low (my mom's Citroen Saxo 1.1l
costs like 100 Euros in annual tax)...



At 12:49 1/08/2002 -0600, ccohen5 wrote:
>Someone on the list mentioned that in Norway the Avant can be registered as
>a commercial vehicle presumably for a tax break.  How prevalent is that in
>Europe?  I know for example that every ship owner used to be able to import
>a vehicle as a tender to their ship free of the 120% import tax.  Naturally
>there were many Ferrari/RR/Merc/BMW and presumably Audis.
>Another concept that is similar applies to SUVs which can function as
>commercial vehicles but are never employed this way.
>Good idea???

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