Re Finding boost leak (Tom Faust)

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Thu Aug 1 23:22:07 EDT 2002

At 9:42 PM -0400 8/1/02, TWFAUST at wrote:
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>I am also on the Forward Motion list. A lister there is selling the leak
>testers ready made; Picture at link::
>Price is $25 SHIPPED via USPS PRIORITY MAIL if paid
>via POSTAL M/O...and $25.75 if you use PAYPAL (CREDIT
>YOU could make your own...but think about the headache
>of walking around Home Desperate (depot) and trying to
>find all the parts..then having to drill stuff out

...or you could do what I did; at least on my 200q20v, the hose
coming off the MAF sensor is the same size as a rubbermaid 1 cup
serve-and-save container.  Drilled a hole about right enough for a
compressor fitting to just barely fit(really tight), and tada...

I have no idea if this works on any other car.  It probably works on
S-cars too, but no guarantees.

Total cost is probably around $5.

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