NG Pinging?

Huw Powell human747 at
Fri Aug 2 03:01:21 EDT 2002

> It's been an issue since I got the car in November 2001. I get pinging (even in cold weather) at times.

>This engine, IIRC, is supposed to have a knock sensor and back off the timing if it detects pinging.

Start with the knock sensor.  Try replacing it, or at least examining it
for physical signs of deterioration.

It's in an awkward place, down low on the port side of the block, with a
wire going to a plug mounted at the battery tray, as I recall.

When mine went bad (89 90Q) my odd hesitations under hi temp/heavy load
became a can of nuts and bolts.  swapped KS and the hesitation returned,
much more preferable to beating up the engine.

Now, of course, after you get the engine to protect itself again, you
need to figure out why it's knocking.

My theory with mine was dirty pistons and valves, increasing the CR and
also creating hot spots (?) that could pre-ignite fuel.  But that's
another post, to be submitted soon....

Huw Powell

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