Headlight resilvering

Wallace White wallace at stanfordalumni.org
Fri Aug 2 09:07:47 EDT 2002

Dave C. -

Apparently the vacuum metalizing process deposits aluminum rather than
chrome (chromium?); maybe that makes a big difference to the EPA.

I think my reflectors are plastic but I'll check--metal ones could be
electroplated, which might open up some more options... nickel comes to
mind, but I've heard it doesn't stand up to corrosive environments well.

And yes, I still find Steve Jensen's reflective tape solution tempting!

- Wallace
   '87 5kcstq 188k

David Conner wrote:
> Dave,
> I went through this with a set of 100 style Eurolights.   These have
> plastic reflectors.  Are yours metal or plastic?
> Past list discussion included recommendation of a place in Toledo, OH ...
> D&D Plastic and Chrome Plating which did a good job replating (vacuum
> metalizing) plastic reflectors for Dave Head a few years ago.  It appears
> this company no longer exists ... I even drove to the listed address and it
> isn't there.  I checked with a local shop here in Columbus, OH that
> refinishes metal objects, makes bronze baby shoes, etc.   They said >no<
> U.S. based facilities can do chrome plating anymore due to environmental
> regulations.  This shop said that any US company advertising chrome plating
> services must be shipping the work overseas to circumvent the regs.  I
> found nothing in Hemmings.  The local company could not offer any
> suggestions, but they think there are places that do vacuum metalizing of
> objects like the headlight reflectors.  Another lister mentioned that they
> found a company, in California I think, that does this but they would only
> deal with volume orders.
> There is a list of possibilities at...
> http://www.finishing.com/Shops/index.html
> I could not find a source for purchase of new reflectors.
> My experience is that the light output will suffer a lot from the degraded
> reflectors.  I improved my lights greatly by carefully placing aluminum
> foil shiny side up over the damaged area.  You must get it as smooth as
> possible... wrinkles will diminish light output.
> Please let us know if you find anything new, especially information on
> purchase of new reflectors.
> Dave C.
> Columbus, OH

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