2001 S4 prepurchase inspection tips?

Fisher, Scott Scott_Fisher at intuit.com
Fri Aug 2 10:31:14 EDT 2002

Well, it's ALMOST as good as buying one myself, but a lot cheaper!

I hope to be inspecting a Portland-area 2001 S4 with 12000 miles for an
out-of-town friend.  [Aside: I just flashed on trying to explain the whole
transaction to, say, my mother-in-law, who doesn't care about cars and knows
NOTHING about the Internet.  Thanks, Dan, and not just for providing the
forum where I can ask this question, but for being one of the people who
makes relationships like this possible. :-)]

The car in question is a theft recovery, allegedly undamaged.  I have not
yet seen it; I don't even know what color it is, except that it's Not
Yellow.  (The prospective owner wants something a bit more "stealth" than
the three or four Imolagelb cars he's looked at near his home in Seattle.)

I'm going to give it a thorough once-over (my motorsports gig these days is
scrutineering for the Historics, so if nothing else I'm used to looking over
cars I've never seen before to see if anything looks likely to fall off),
but I'm only going to find obvious things like bad welds, wheels pointed in
obviously incorrect directions, loose wheel bearings, ripped-up
undercarriage bits, etc. etc. etc. if the car WAS damaged and repaired
poorly.  I've got a good relationship with a local Audi specialist shop (who
owns a neu-S4 himself) and am figuring on having him stick the car up on a
lift and do some diagnostics.

Is there a Web page with prepurchase info for the neu-S4?  Or can an S4
owner here give me a quick rundown of things to ask, inspect, or otherwise
look into in greater detail?  Any insider info, from subtle details that a
non-owner would miss to questions designed to intimidate the seller (it's an
agency here in Portland), will be gratefully accepted.

I'm trying to talk the owner into letting me deliver the car to him in
Seattle if he purchases it... wish me luck. :-)

Oh -- and if you're a PDX-area Audifan and you think you may know the car in
question, drop me a line.  The more background I can gather, the better.


--Scott Fisher
  Tualatin, Oregon

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