Help! 4kcsq aint what she used to be.

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Aug 2 14:35:09 EDT 2002

I'd begin by going through Huw Powell's "poor running
checklist"   And, like
he suggests, if you find it helpful, send him a contribution to help defray
the costs of his website.

At 09:59 AM 08/02/2002 -0700, res0geyk wrote:

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>Howdy folks
>Got a problem!  Surprise surprise. :)
>I am experiencing some very sluggish performance from my 86 4kcsq.
>The problem is intermittent, but always present, and less intermittent all
>the time.  Occasionally I will drive to the store and it will feel smooth
>and peppy most of the way there, but typically it will have a lot of
>hesitation most of the way.  When it's really bad, in order to accelerate
>up a moderately steep hill I need to be at 4000 rpms or floored above 3000
>or I will begin decelerating.
>In earlier stages of the problem, it felt like not all of the cylinders
>were firing, so I changed the plugs, cap, and rotor (wires are less than a
>year old)...  When changing the plugs, I expected to see one looking
>particularly fouled, but that was not the case.
>The air filter has recently been replaced as well, so barring some kind of
>vacuum leak that I would have no idea how to look for, I am assuming at
>this point that it is a fuel delivery problem.
>injectors?  fuel filter?  fuel pump?  I'm a bit lost here.  Maybe it is
>some kind of air leak?  I did notice that when I leave for work in the
>morning its almost always smooth for about the first mile, so it's a bit
>better when the engine is still cold.
>I tried some fuel system and injector cleaner as a quick-fix last week and
>it seemed like it helped but it may have been the placebo effect as it is
>just as bad now.
>Due to my currently 'unsatisfactory' financial position, I want to do
>whatever I can myself but my only automotive experience has been on (much)
>simpler mercedes benz and volvos built prior to 1970 so I find the task
>somewhat daunting... Still, how hard can it be, right?
>Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start?
>Any suggestions very much appreciated!
>Portland, OR

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