Bizarre behavior: no start 20v200 avant

cobram at cobram at
Fri Aug 2 16:00:59 EDT 2002

Your starting problem definitely sounds like the copper solenoid strap on
the starter motor is corroded.

The two times I've come across type 44 wipers blowing fuses, it was due
to incorrectly routed wires.  If the wiper mechanism is installed under
the wires it will rub on them enough to eat away the insulation and blow
the fuse.


Tom Donohue <donohue at> writes:
> Avant suddenly decided that it would not start on Wednesday.  I

> with several accessories, I discovered that there was plenty of
> power to the radio, sunroof, windows, wipers, etc.,

> none.  Decided to try starting the car again....started like
> nothing ever had happened.

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