K24 vs RS2 Spool-up. RS2 Results...

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Nice report Gary! Always good to see numbers. At what altitude are you

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Back from vacation, RS2 installed, tested this morning...

1990 200TQW, 1991 TQ Intercooler, 1.8 - 1.9 bar chip, 1.8 bar spring, Bypass
Valve, Bilsteins, Redline in tranny and diffs
Outside Air Temp - 63F
Humidity around 35-40%
Car completely warmed up.
Gas tank full (Chevron 91 octane)
Flat test area
2 runs each
Avg of 2 runs

3rd gear, start at 1600 rpm for all tests.

 						K24			RS2
2000 - 3000 RPM (29 mph - 41 mph) 3.205 secs	3.57 secs
3000 - 4000 RPM (41 mph - 55 mph) 2.485 secs	2.17 secs
4000 - 5000 RPM (55 mph - 66 mph) 3.035 secs	2.59 secs

One 5th gear run per Bernard, start at 1600 rpm

						K24			Rs2
2000 - 3000 RPM (54 mph - 75 mph) 10.90 secs	12.41 secs

I suspect the turbo may have added 1/2 to 1 sec onto the cars 1/4 mile
times.  Scott M. recorded 14.75 qtr mile times.  This mod should get me low
14's/high 13's based on the above (and utter specualtion...).

Some notes.  Car is DEFINITELY slower below 2400 rpm, both in numbers and
feel.  It just feels like the turbo is 'heavier', like it needs more energy
to spool up.  However, it doesn't have that "Oh My God" rush that the K26
does at 32-3600 rpm.  It just spools up smoothly to 1.9 bar at around
28-3000 rpm vs 26-2800 for the K24.  Between mid 2000 rpm level and up the
car is definitely faster w/the RS2 vs. the K24.  It is still very drivable,
you just need a bit more throttle in 1st gear.  Not as much as the K26, but
a bit more than the K24.  With a high RPM launch, it feels faster than the
K24, you just need more gas...

It also seems to stay spooled up between shifts much better than the K24
during hard/harder than typical wife grocery shopping driving (you know,
that area of right foot application before full throttle where The Wife(tm)
starts saying, "Honey, aren't you driving a bit fast?").

A super interesting note.  Regardless of how hard I run the car, when I open
the hood, the IC to TB hose (Michelin Man for the initiated) is COOL, like a
cucumber.  I mean to the touch, like it is 75F in an otherwise hot car on an
85F ambient day.  I think Javad's suspicions about heat soak in the K24 are
well founded.  This turbo runs COOL!!!

I think the RS2 is a good mod for MC1 and MC2 cars for high altitude, track
and 1/4 mile, higher boost (this is why I did it), very hot climates, and
lots of long sustained hill climbing.  If you typically drive around town,
rarely run hard through the gears, or just want a smoother driver, go with
the K24.  Great spool up.  I think depending on the application, the K24 or
the RS2 are the way to go.  The K26 seems to be a poor comprimise of both.
It doesn't spool like the RS2, and has some of the heat soak problems the
K24 does.

Gary Lewis
1990 200TQW, 1991 TQ Intercooler, RS2 turbo, 1.8 bar spring, chip, Bypass
Valve, Euro's, Bilsteins, Redline in tranny and diffs

Planned upgrades: RS2 Turbo (Next Week), H20 Injection (Aug 02), Keyless
Entry (Aug 02) 2.2 Bar Upgrade (Sept 02),
 034 EFI (working with Javad...)...

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