Bizarre behavior: no start 20v200 avant

Tom Donohue donohue at
Fri Aug 2 17:13:14 EDT 2002

Adding to my response to Brett, there were no blown fuses in this case.
 That was one of the first things that I checked on Wednesday.  Besides,
the wipers worked fine all along, just refused to park in the down
position...bounced up a couple of inches from the correct spot when
turned off.  Now they are working correctly...without any effort on my
part and simultaneously with the no-start situation.  Tom

Chris Semple wrote:

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>>The two times I've come across type 44 wipers blowing fuses,
>>it was due to incorrectly routed wires.  If the wiper mechanism is
>>installed under the wires it will rub on them enough to eat away the
>>insulation and blow the fuse.
>I'll add that I've had a couple wagons that blew wiper fuses because the
>*rear* wiper motor had an internal short or wiring issue at the hatch.
>Unplug rear wiper and retest system, as I recall it's a continually powered
>Chris Semple
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