Bizarre behavior: no start 20v200 avant

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Aug 2 17:22:42 EDT 2002

At 4:07 PM -0400 8/2/02, Tom Donohue wrote:

>Completely noiseless except for a hiss in the engine compartment
>that sounds like perhaps a vacuum or pressure pump starting up when
>the key is first turned on

The only noise that should come from the 3B engine compartment upon
ignition-on is a hum from the idle stabilization valve.  You might
get some noises from the climate control changing flap positions.

If you don't hear the solenoid's loud click, check for voltage to the
solenoid from the switch(should be the only thin wire around that
area.)  No voltage, the switch is toast.  Voltage- something in the
alternator is wrong, get the whole thing rebuilt or replaced.

Perhaps the wire to the solenoid has corroded or has a bad connection...

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