Bizarre behavior: no start 20v200 avant

cobram at cobram at
Fri Aug 2 17:37:25 EDT 2002

Tom Donohue <donohue at> writes:

> mention in my previous post was that when the car is dead it is
>  No solenoid click at all.  All dash lights come on and all
> accessories work (except now the central locking and alarm).
> noiseless

If the strap is bad this is exactly what happens.  If it weren't for the
idiot lights in the dash you'd think there was no battery in the car.
This is personal experience with my 1990 200TQA, don't know if the 20V is

As for the wiper, I had the exact same problem, tried to "re-index" the
wiper motor, didn't work so I swapped it out.  Good news is that,
although they look completely different, the wiper assemblies from the
earlier type 44's will all bolt right in.

Post your findings, inquiring minds want to know.....


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