FYI: Canadian Audis w/ Timing Belt Failures

MSegal at MSegal at
Fri Aug 2 18:47:23 EDT 2002

I've been a follower on both Audifans list since before I bought my 2001 A4
1.8TQ in March 2001.  I have read many times about people reporting timing
belt failures due to the belt tensioner failing, on the older A4 engines.
Through reading all the threads over the years, this seems to be a very
common issue with those early (pre 99.5) A4 engines, and while Audi has
never issued a recall, they have acknoledged that there is a problem, based
on the fact that they redesigned the part, and that they helped cover some
of the costs on a case-by-case basis.

I happened to come across something in the newspaper today, which might help
those Canadians (sorry, I don't know of an equivalent system or Consumer
Board in the U.S.) who suffered from this problem with their engines
recently, and I thought I would pass it along.  If it helps one person on
this list, I will be happy.

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