A question about fuel?

alan pritchard alanthecelt at alanthecelt.screaming.net
Sat Aug 3 02:09:52 EDT 2002

Hi guys, after reading loads of mail forwards and backwards i thought id ask
the question, what kind of ron fuel do you guys get in the states?
see i just read a post where the lister mentioned 91 ron, is that good for
the states? see the reason i ask is the conversation regarding turbocharging
an ng/nf engine, and it has always been said the compression is too high,
Whilst from what i had read 10:1 is suitable for low boost applications, ie
5-6 psi, which i believe is easily acheivable with the 95/98 ron fuel we get
So the question is am i speaking out of my butt? or is that the major factor
in the states?
Thanks all

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