Replacement Battery 1990 200 TQ Follow-Up

Blake Gibb lbg1233 at
Sat Aug 3 18:27:31 EDT 2002

Thanks everyone for your thoughts about batteries. I found a battery
at Sam's Club, Champion XLT Type 41, 675 CCA, -$49.95. Good price. It
was the only battery I found with a round side vent(instead of oval
like most others), the Audi vent hose hooked right up(no mods). It
also has the recessed posts and a plastic cover for the positive
post. It was about an 1/8" wider than the old battery so I had to
open up the bolt hole in the metal hold down strap so the bolt would
go in straight.  I also hooked up some jumper cables to the engine
compartment aux. battery post, keeping 12 volts to the radio. That
worked great, no loss of power to the radio. One of the easier 30
minute Audi jobs I've had.
1990 200 TQ 188K

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