Replacing my 87 5ktq

Frederick Smith smitty at
Sat Aug 3 22:39:34 EDT 2002

Charlie said:

I strongly encourage you to get into a "S" car!  After 200,000 miles
of loving my '85 5kCSTQ, I had a '93 V8 Quattro for a bit and then
couldn't resist the '95 S6 that now sits in the garage.  It's everything
I ever wanted to do to the 5kCSTQ, and more!

I strongly agree, I just returned from a 1600 mile RT. NY,Asheville NC,
Gatlinberg TN, NY. My urS4 performed flawlessly, carving it's way
through the mtn's On I-40 west from Ashville to G'berg. This route
is the Cacamangus of the south, don't miss it if you're in the area.
Intrax/Bilstein'Kumhos really showed their stuff.

Cold air for the 95f+ weather and the h2o temp never moved off the
normal mark. Averaged 74+. Get one for yourself, you won't regret


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