A question about fuel? - how 'bout ignition???

Jay Rabe jeremiahrabe at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 4 00:50:11 EDT 2002

Having a high compression motor turbo/supercharged is not a dangerous thing
to do with a fuel AND IGNITION computer running pump gas.  Yes, lower
compression is better for maximum boost and hp, but with high compression,
drivability and lag are both improved.
  A 10-1 5cyl motor 2 or 4 valve could easily make 300hp.  I built a 2.0
xflow (vw 8 valve) that has 290+ hp, stock engine (10-1) besides head studs.
  Its been beat on for about 1.5 years - 30k+ miles,  daily driver running
18psi.  There are a bunch of these running around, some running 11's on
mostly stock engines.
  So with an extra cylinder how could you not make 300hp? - No ignition


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