Replacing my 87 5ktq

Greg Wolters GJWArch at
Sat Aug 3 21:52:03 EDT 2002


Do what I did... get an S4!

My favorite, and the one I traveled to Utah to buy, is a 1994.

I look forward to every time I get to drive it!

Still have my for sale 86 4KCSQ.  It's a totally different driving experience,
better in a few ways but I really love the S4...

Get one... get one now!


94 S4
86 4KCSQ

"Doyt W. Echelberger" wrote:

> No, it's not gone yet, but it is getting pretty old.  My 87 5ktq is turning
> 250k miles this year and I am thinking about what my next car will
> be.....around the time the 87 hits 300k. Candidates certainly are the 91
> 200q and those that followed in the "S" series, or maybe one of the new
> VW's that share some Audi engines.

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