Where can I get me one of these?! NAC

Rave Racer Ravewar at rogers.com
Sun Aug 4 04:13:39 EDT 2002

    Note the symbol just behind the steering wheel.  A bunny head that all
must recognize, and a must for any mod, obviously.

       Rave Racer
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> The smoothe, flowing front angle...
> http://www.redcoat.net/pics/skodaelol.jpg
> To just as tastefull a rear...
> http://www.redcoat.net/pics/skodahatul.jpg
> And where would you be without a little telemetry?
> http://www.redcoat.net/pics/skodacockpit.jpg
> -Nate (blame it on the late hour...;) )
> '89 90tq
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