type 44 rag

Pat Dooley pdooley at gte.net
Sun Aug 4 17:08:20 EDT 2002

I can't give my 86 5kt away, had it in the flyer for $300, only one person
came out to see it.  He kicked the tires and went home.

So as I walk past this thing in my backyard every day I wonder, what would
this look like as a convertible?
Has anybody ever done one?

I was thinking about the Volkswagen "thing" approach, with high door sills
to strengthen the frame.  Cut the doors off halfway down, weld them in place
to get some of the structural integrity back lost from cutting off the roof.
I could weld some sheet metal caps on the jagged cut-off doors to keep my
passengers safe entering/exiting.
Maybe even stick a long metal tube inside each of the doors running/welded
long ways back to front to get some chassis stiffness back.

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