89 Audi 200 Turbo fuel problem

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Sun Aug 4 21:58:05 EDT 2002

Honestly I tried to go through the archives and don't seem to be able
to navigate them yet very well.

I finally broke down and made an appt. on Tues. 8 a.m., but I wanted
to find out what I could before we paid money for an opinion.    When
I bought my car, I bought my husband the Bentley mechanics books.
If I should have gotten a different mechanics books, please let me

We have spent about a month on this and the car is running so badly
now I am afraid I might have to have it towed.

The car runs much worse up hill.  I can never get more than about
3000 rpm.  It has gradually gotten worse.
Seems to get worse the longer I drive, and will not start if parked
up hill.   Often dies if I have to stop on an incline and not I am
afraid to stop on an incline for fear I cannot get it started at all.

If I step on the gas it runs worse than if I give it just very light
pedal.   Also runs much worse in damp weather.   Plugs look normal.

Jim checked out what he could with the electrical.   I have replaced
fuel filter, distributor cap, rotor, and plug wires, and air filter.
Also a three-way rubber tubing looks like vacuum connection.   I have
used injector cleaner because at first it acted like plugged
injectors.   Now the problem is getting much worse.

I thought it was the fuel pump, but I just read the "work on it
yourself" intro to the list and it says that what everyone says who
are amateurs.

There is also a weird noise, cross between a growl and a howl, and
sounds like from the front.   My husband Jim thinks it the Turbo
charger, I think it acts like something sending the fuel.   But what
do I know.   The cars have gotten so complicated, there are computer
sensors everywhere.   Yikers!

The car used to have white smoke so I went to racing oil 20/50, but
now I get black smoke as well. . . .
It acts like it is too rich because of the smoke and the way it
stalls, and on the other hand it acts like fuel cannot go up hill and

When I go to start it now . . . it definitely is not getting enough
fuel as I have to pump it to get it to catch and keep the pedal down
to keep it running.   Never had to touch the gas pedal before.

I am new to the list and you have probably discussed this same thing
a dozen times already.   Pardons.


              Fay S. Kelley
"Enjoy the edge you are on . . . don't think about the one to come!"  

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