kh specs?

Huw Powell human747 at
Sun Aug 4 22:52:00 EDT 2002

> Huw Powell has the kh engine listed as 202 torque at 3000 rpm even though im almost positive its 149 at 2500.he also lists the kg (euro kh equivalent as far as i know) at 252... his chart seems so accurate and detailed, im wondering what this is based on... anyone know? stats concerning kh engines are rare...
> so huw, will you fill me in?

That data started out somewhere else on the web.  Some of it I have
verified from bentley manuals, but far from all.  I believe I may have
commented the table (look at "page source") with references for the few
engines I am sure of.

Sorry if the "mis"information, or at least unverified info, is causing

Huw Powell

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