Type 44-Need cold start help!

Keith Lawyer wbr90 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 4 19:53:52 EDT 2002

The cold start situation on my '90 200tqa is so
frustrating I'm nearly ready to drive it into a brick
wall - please help!

Symptoms: will not easily start after sitting for
approx 4 hours or more.  Injectors were replaced 5k
ago.  Motor cranks, sputters as if wants to start,
does not.  No amount of cranking after this will make
it start.  You MUST sit for 5-30 seconds and try
again.  Each attempt brings it closer to starting
until it finally does on the 3rd try if I'm lucky, 4th
or 5th try if I'm really in a hurry.

I've searched the archives.  I've also looked at Huw's
page which says the CSV is often blamed but rarely the
culprit.  From looking at the archives, could the
thermo-time switch be my problem?  Tonite I pulled the
connector off the CSV and found that the blue/black
wire comes to life shortly after the first crank and
stays on once the motor is running.....forever, or
least for over a minute at which point I figured it
was gonna stay on forever.  The blue/white wire never
receives power, I dunno if it's supposed to.

Also, where IS the thermo time switch?  I was able
only to find it on 25.2 of my Bentley:

This diagram drives me crazy because it shows the
thermo time switch but does not show it being
connected to anything, much less aid me in finding it
in the engine compartment.  Anyone have a digital
camera and wanna snap a shot for me?  Or just describe

Or I seem to recall the archives saying the Bentley
lists a detailed procedure for the thermo-time switch,
anyone have a page # because I've failed to find
mention of it anywhere but on the jpeg link above.

ISV temp sensor and ECM temp sensor are new.  ISV hums
once the key is switched on, motor dies if I unplug
the ISV, and I recenlty cleaned it w/carb cleaner.
Any other suggestions on what is causing my cold start

Keith L

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