4kq clunking

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sun Aug 4 23:05:11 EDT 2002

> My beloved 4kq has been exhibiting some clunking noises from underneath.  It
> started to happen occasionally (like when I would corner hard or something),
> and it wasn't that loud.  Now, it happens all the time.  The clunking sound
> happens on nearly any weight transition (fore, aft, right side, left side).
> If I'm stopped, and I give the car a moderate amount of gas I'll get a
> clunk.  When I'm driving, and I let off the gas to decelerate I'll get a
> clunk.  Practically any time I corner I'll get a clunk.  It's hard to pin
> point where the noise is coming from.  It sounds like it's in the front
> suspension, possibly on the passenger side.  One of friends (who is more
> knowledgeable than I) suggested it might be a CV joint on its way out.  Any
> ideas?  I'm really afraid the car is going to let me sit somewhere.

Your car probably isn't going to suddenly stop running.

possible culprits include any or all rubber bushings (engine mounts,
tranny mounts, rear diff mounts, subframe mounts, control arm bushings,
sway bar bushings), bad shock or shocks, bad CV joints (they usually
clank or click, though), or strut mounting bearings... so it's a bit

If you can get it on a lift you can get a good look and probably narrow
it down.  if it is rubber bits, replace in sets, and as many as possible
at once, see recent thread on the subject...

Huw Powell



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