Type 44-Need cold start help!

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sun Aug 4 23:07:29 EDT 2002

> cold start situation on my '90 200tqa
> Symptoms: will not easily start after sitting for
> approx 4 hours or more.  Injectors were replaced 5k
> ago.  Motor cranks, sputters as if wants to start,
> does not.  No amount of cranking after this will make
> it start.  You MUST sit for 5-30 seconds and try
> again.  Each attempt brings it closer to starting
> until it finally does on the 3rd try if I'm lucky, 4th
> or 5th try if I'm really in a hurry.

>  Tonite I pulled the
> connector off the CSV and found that the blue/black
> wire comes to life shortly after the first crank and
> stays on once the motor is running.....forever, or
> least for over a minute at which point I figured it
> was gonna stay on forever.  The blue/white wire never
> receives power, I dunno if it's supposed to.

the thermo time switch *grounds* the cold start valve, when it is
supposed to run.  power is always available when the motor is on.

Huw Powell



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