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Agreed, the list of "don't works" is pretty long, a mint car is show quality,
everything not only works, but is in perfect original condition.

This reminds me of a recent experience I had, I was helping a friend shop for
a late 80's Mercedes, he called up on a 420 SEL, the guy says its "perfect",
nothing wrong with it, body and interior are immaculate, etc.

So we drive almost an hour to see the car, and immediately I can tell its
been in some bad accident, I keep prodding, all he will say is that it was
rear ended a year ago and shows me the accident report.  The hood has a real
bad paint job, and there are even rust bubbles underneath the gloss, thick
clear coat on the car.  The rest of the car is so-so at best.

I take it for a spin, the car just doesn't feel right, I finally ask to see
the title, and sure enough, its a salvage title...shesh!  I gave it to the
guy, don't know what he was expecting, drive an hour to see a mint car...oh,
btw, it has a salvage title, sigh...


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I think "mint" is stretching the concept a little too far.  Good is
> pushing it, too.  How about "Fair, but no rust"?
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> > Good looking Coupe GT on Ebay...
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