4kq clunking

Aaron Sherrick aaron at eurekalubricants.com
Mon Aug 5 00:21:19 EDT 2002

I had the car into my mechanic a little over a month ago.  Unfortunately my
usual mechanic wasn't available so another guy had to look at it.  I believe
he checked the engine and tranny mounts, subframe bushings, and control arm
bushings.  I'm not sure if he checked the diff mounts, front sway bar
bushings, strut mounting bearings, or CV joints.  The shocks and springs
seem shot to me (all original).  The rear sags a good two inches, and the
car pogos a decent amount, not to mention the ride quality blows.  I guess
I'll have to get my usual guy to take a look at it.

'86 4kq

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> possible culprits include any or all rubber bushings (engine mounts,
> tranny mounts, rear diff mounts, subframe mounts, control arm bushings,
> sway bar bushings), bad shock or shocks, bad CV joints (they usually
> clank or click, though), or strut mounting bearings... so it's a bit
> broad.
> If you can get it on a lift you can get a good look and probably narrow
> it down.  if it is rubber bits, replace in sets, and as many as possible
> at once, see recent thread on the subject...
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