Prestone LongLife Orange

Ti Kan ti at
Sun Aug 4 23:52:17 EDT 2002

David Miller writes:
> I recently came across this coolant (Prestone LongLife Orange) in the local
> auto store, and it seems to have the same phosphate free (and silicate free)
> characteristics of Pentosin.  I need some more coolant, and was wondering if
> this is safe to use?  The nearest Audi dealer is about an hour and a half
> away, and this would save a large amount of time.

If you're sure it's phosphate-free, then it's probably ok to use.
However, DO NOT mix it with either the blue, green or pink factory
coolants.  You must double or triple flush the system to get rid of
all traces of the old coolant before filling with the new stuff.

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