Prestone LongLife Orange

Richard J. Andrews tech at
Mon Aug 5 04:08:29 EDT 2002

I use the stuff in my 4kq. reduced temperatures dramatically when i did.
i did a complete flush at the same time. it never gets above half now (in
texas a/c on)
and the oil temp does get mighty high at times.


'86 4kq
At 12:01 AM 8/5/02, you wrote:
>I recently came across this coolant (Prestone LongLife Orange) in the local
>auto store, and it seems to have the same phosphate free (and silicate free)
>characteristics of Pentosin.  I need some more coolant, and was wondering if
>this is safe to use?  The nearest Audi dealer is about an hour and a half
>away, and this would save a large amount of time.
>Any opinions?
>David Miller

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