Heater Box Removal '93 100

David Torrey RNE905 at maine.edu
Mon Aug 5 09:13:04 EDT 2002

Hi guys -

Well, I have the heater box disconnected at the engine wall.  Will not come
out.  Bentley says to remove console, glove box and driver side tray.  The
Bentley only addresses manual A/C with diagrams.  In typical Bentley fashion
"remove heater controls" with no illustrations for climate control.  I
assume there are controls behind the console attached to heater box which
are preventing it from coming out.  I also need to remove radio.  Will coat
hanger wire work or do I need the special VW tool?  I don't have the console
quite out yet.  perhaps it will be obvious which controls to remove if I can
see them.  Anyone have any insight into this job?  The archives seem to deal
with only 5000 and 90 models.  Any advice appreciated.

Best Regards
David Torrey

'93 100CSQ Avant  148K miles
'88 Saab 900S  238K miles
'87 Saab 900S  242K miles
'79 BMW 320i   105K miles

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