NO MO VOVO!!!! :) (Traded for '95 A6q Avant)

Mike Veglia msvphoto at
Mon Aug 5 10:25:09 EDT 2002

Sorry to shout. Had to share my joy. Yesterday Lena and I took a bath in
value and traded the problem child '94 Ovlov 850 turbo wagon in on a
beautiful pearl white 1995 A6 quattro Avant that has 112k miles and what
appears to be a solid maintenance history (as documented by the stamps in
the booklet and a lot of handwritten notes for intermediate services above
the normal schedule. Now we have 12 rings (this is in addtion to our 5ktq
and 4kq) and this marks my 9th Audi to date. I'm really happy my wife fell
for this beautiful Pearl "Beluga."

While this car does not have the raw power of the departed ovloV turbo, it
is an exceptional highway car and seems much better around town than the '92
we drove a few months back when we first started thinking about getting out
of the ovloV. Overall condition is excellent (some typical scratches and
such, but overall very nice for a nearly 8 year old car).

I do have some questions now for those experienced in Audi V6 engine cars
(since the newest model year Audi I have owned prior was a 1988 I have zero
experience with newer ones).

1. Service literature? Bentley (CD?)? What's the way to go?

2. Service reminder reset. How do I do it? Do I need a scan tool and/or
software? Or, can it be reset by other means?

3. Timing Belt. Since the history is limited to stamps and hand written
notes in the maintenance book and all but one (buried/hidden recent one for
a transmission reseal) receipt were no doubt tossed by the dealer I do not
have record of the timing belt being changed. Given that the maintenance was
fastidious and dealer performed I have reason to believe it was done at the
proper interval (which was what? 60-70k???). I have the name and phone
number of the previous non-dealer owner (who best I can tell owned it since
new) and plan to call them and ask. Questions are: Is the 2.8 V6 12V an
interference engine or not? What is the best resource for timing belt
replacement tips, procedures, etc.? Any special tools required? What all
should be changed besides the two belts (serpentine and timing) such as
idlers, seals, water pump, etc.?

4. In the maintenance booklet there is mention of "Water drain in plenum
chamber; Check and replace if dirty." What is this and were is it???? (I
know what a plenum is, of course, but this is new to me.)

A lot of things about this car remind me of the type 44 and I think I can
come up to speed maintaining it easily. Right now, best I can tell
*everything* works (including even all the lights for switches, seat
heaters, etc.) but I can sense some "upgrades" coming soon (like some
Bilsteins would be nice).

TIA for any help and advice in the above.

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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