wanted: '89-'91 100/200 Bentley 2 volume factory repair manual set

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Aug 5 13:32:38 EDT 2002

The '89-91  Bentley for 100's and 200's is a Three-volume set with a
separate book for electrics and wiring diagrams,

Have you checked with Chris Semple  http://www.force5auto.com/  He
sometimes has used Bentley's.

At 12:09 PM 08/05/2002 -0400, JordanVw at aol.com wrote:

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>subject sez it all.
>'89-91 Audi 100/200 typ44 Robert Bentley official factory repair manual 2
>volume set.. used is fine..  p-mail me w/ leads

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