Lee Levitt lee at
Mon Aug 5 15:28:51 EDT 2002

Mike writes:

> Sorry to shout. Had to share my joy. Yesterday Lena and I took a bath in
> value and traded the problem child '94 Ovlov 850 turbo wagon in on a
> beautiful pearl white 1995 A6 quattro Avant that has 112k miles and what
> appears to be a solid maintenance history (as documented by the stamps in
> the booklet and a lot of handwritten notes for intermediate services above
> the normal schedule. Now we have 12 rings (this is in addtion to our 5ktq
> and 4kq) and this marks my 9th Audi to date. I'm really happy my wife fell
> for this beautiful Pearl "Beluga."

We'll miss you on the SwedishBricks mailing list! :)

> 1. Service literature? Bentley (CD?)? What's the
> way to go?

Bently 3 manual set is the way to go. The CD is much more difficult to

> 2. Service reminder reset. How do I do it? Do I need a scan tool and/or
> software? Or, can it be reset by other means?
> 3. Timing Belt.

Best case it was done at 60K or so, and I don't believe that it *needs* to
be changed before 90K. So you've got some time. I'd do it at 120K just to be
safe :)

> A lot of things about this car remind me of the type 44 and I think I can
> come up to speed maintaining it easily. Right now, best I can tell
> *everything* works (including even all the lights for switches, seat
> heaters, etc.) but I can sense some "upgrades" coming soon (like some
> Bilsteins would be nice).

My wife's '96 A6 quattro avant (also pearl) is getting a bit floaty on the
highway...I think Bilsteins will be on her car before year end. When we do
that job, I may see if the stock springs off my S6 fit her car :)

And headlamps...the stock lamps are pretty good...but the Euro lamps are
even better!

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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