cold start injector problems 87 4kq

Ti Kan ti at
Mon Aug 5 16:32:21 EDT 2002

Luke Rickert writes:
> I have been trying to figure out why my car isn't running very well these d=
> ays. It is hard to start and runs badly when it does particularly when cold=
> , today I figured out that cold start injector isn't getting triggered. The=
>  thermo time switch (the one on top of the upper coolant flange) is a year =
> and a half old, so although it might be the problem it shouldn't be too sus=
> pect. The injector will fire when the G/W side is jumped to ground and the =
> ignition is on, so the power in (R/B power circuit is OK) It was also teste=
> d on a cold engine, after sitting in an ice bath. (the air temp is under 70)

While difficult cold starts may be a symptom of a bad cold start injector
or the thermo-time switch, cold running problems is not.  The cold start
injector only squirts during "cranking" (it's only active when the engine
is cold *and* the ignition switch is in the start position).  Once the
engine fires, that system is out of the picture.

You probably have a different problem.

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