Trans X w/Pentosin?

Ti Kan ti at
Mon Aug 5 16:36:10 EDT 2002

Mark Woodland writes:
> My studies have revealed very few datapoints, but they have been positive
> ones.
> Would anyone care to weigh-in with long term experience using Trans X
> Transmission/hydraulic leak sealer with Pentosin systems?
> (Compatible with ALL automatic tranmission and hydraulic oils.. so it says
> in the fine print.)
> Sounds good to me, but I'd like a little more re-inforcement,
> before I potentially pollute the whole hydraulic system on
> my '87 5KTQ.

I don't recommend it.  Fix a problem the right way.  Any sort of
"leak sealer" is bound to be a stop gap measure that at minimum
does nothing, and more likely it's going to wreak havoc with the
system making much more costly damages than the original leak.

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