K24 vs RS2 Spool-up. RS2 Results is now turbo comparison...

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Mon Aug 5 19:42:31 EDT 2002

Quoting "Lewis, Gary M" <gary.m.lewis2 at boeing.com>:
> Nobody does
> a pure electronic solution that I know of (i.e., chip and transducer, which
> probably isn't feasible anyway), so I'll either do the resistor fakey/big
> spring(resistor changes the resistance the computer sees, making it think
> the boost is lower than it is), big spring/schrapnel knob (device that
> reduces the air pressure the computer sees), or a combo of all three.

I thought a Schrapnelknobben was different than a simple bleed, in that it applied regulated boost pressure to the upper WG chamber.

Is a Schrapnelknobben (the original Timmerman mod) a bleed, or an upper WG mod, or either?

Just curious as to what the original article was.  I have the upper chamber mod, and I like it so far.  I feel that with a bleed mod, it acts like a stiffer WG spring, where the WG is partially open sooner than it would be with the upper chamber mod.

This is not necessarily a bad thing I suppose, but my mind tells me it should build faster if the WG is totally closed until (approaching) the target boost level, than it would the other way.

Oh, but then again, if a Schrapnelknobben mod is the same as described above, like a bleeder, then it will conceal from the computer the true boost level.  I guess that would be better, if the computer had an overboost cutoff that was lower than target boost.  My ecu doesn't seem to have much in the way of a cutoff, so perhaps I'm different.  My actual boost level gets to the computer, where I suppose it is either "clamped" or voltage divided (TAP ecu, circa unknown).

Hmm... Now I'm concerned about my pressure transducer.  Need I be?  If I'm pushing 14/15psi, and that's going right to the PT, is that a bad thing?  What are the stock MAC11 PT's rated at?


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