1984 4ktq 1/4 mile time

blarson at Zeiss.com blarson at Zeiss.com
Mon Aug 5 18:49:51 EDT 2002

A local Twin cities friend just did the first g-tech pro 1/4 mile run with
his 1984 4000 turbo quattro.  The 1986 5kcstq motor in it has 208,000
miles, and only had the timing belt and water pump replaced before
swapping, it is not chipped yet, and the intercooler is not yet installed.

How does 15.1 seconds at 95 miles per hour grab you (in the rain)!  I cant
wait to see how fast it is once the QLCC chip gets installed, and the
intercooler is in the car.  BTW, the ambient temp was between 65 and 70
degrees F.

Just a baseline to show how fast these cars can be.

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