108mm to 100mm conversion....

luke wiegandt maytagasm at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 5 22:00:43 EDT 2002

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hiya guys... was wondering what is involved
in converting my type 89 quattro from 108mm 4 bolt
to the standard vw/honda 100mm 4 bolt...
i want to do the G60 brake upgrade anyways...
so what do i need besides G60 calipers, G60 rotors?
i think i need bearings too.... i bet ill need new bolts
too... anyone done this?
why would audi do such a thing as use 108mm?
wouldnt it have been more cost effective to use the
vw parts that were already 100mm?
now on a slightly differnt note anyone want to buy
'88 audi 90 stock rims with yokohama a-509s
(unidirectional) and a set of stock '84 5000
rims with yokohama winter tires? both 14" 108mm

thanks guys...
luke wiegandt
'88 90 turbo quattro

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