NG Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley Bolt?

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Mon Aug 5 21:10:36 EDT 2002

--- Andy Thibodeau <athibode at> wrote:
> First off, this is my first post, been lurking for
> months.

Good, good.

> I've got the
> front of my car totaly pulled apart to do a timing
> belt/water pump R&R.  I
> got the kit from Blau, and all the old parts are
> off.  But I noticed an odd
> looking bolt holding the timing belt tensioner
> pulley on.  Looks really
> non-Audi.  About 4 to 5mm 2.5" long with 2 washers
> in sequentially larger
> size toward pulley, and a 10mm head.  It looks like
> the finish on both bolt
> and washers is hot dipped galv.  Is this really the
> right bolt?

Sounds about right.  Just make sure you don't use that
little piece of sh*t bolt to pull the new pulley into
the block because you'll snap it.  A piece of wood and
a hammer ought to do the trick.


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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