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STEADIRIC at aol.com STEADIRIC at aol.com
Tue Aug 6 01:43:21 EDT 2002

BRAVO Ned!!!

That's more information in one post Than QshipQ has posted in 7 years.

>The K numbers refer to the turbine side
>The RS2 turbo IS a K24 with special K26 compressor housing. . .
>How is the RS2 turbo different from the "stock" K24?
>     Larger shaft for greater high rpm stability
>     Larger bearings
>     Larger compressor
>        Same exducer diameter as "stock" K26
>        Inducer is larger than both "stock" K24 & K26
>           So "stock" K26 has its own built in restrictor
>           "Stock" K24 does not have enough metal to bore out.
>        Before the RS2 turbo tuners would sleeve a K26 compressor
>        and then machine it larger
>     Larger exducer from the turbine
>        More lag
>           That is why we offer a special model
>           with an exducer between the two.

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