H&R's w/ HD and Sport Bilstein's?

Ameer Antar antar at attbi.com
Tue Aug 6 01:52:21 EDT 2002

Hey, thanks for the messages. OK, one more question on this.. So, since I'm
lowering the car and all of the Boge models are for stock springs, I'm
considering the Bilsteins. But I can only find a set of HD for the FWD 5kT.
I know the front shocks are the same as in the Quattro, so I was thinking
of ordering the Bilstein Sport for the front, but now is it OK to use the
FWD HD rear shocks together? I think the Quattro rear shocks are different
for the FWD, so I thought I can only use the FWD type? Any ideas what I
could do? Also is it worth it to get the HD's if I can't get the Sport
versions? The Boge Turbo Gas are REALLY tempting..I can get 'em for $220,
but the Bilstein's are about $400! It seems certain places offer big
discounts on certain brands, others not. By the time the suspension is
done, it'll be grand out of my pocket....oi! Anyway, thanks for the input.


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