manual window regulators for front of 4kq?

John Karasaki johkar at
Tue Aug 6 00:59:33 EDT 2002


Many thanks for encouraging e-mails!  I found a set from an '83 4k
4-cylinder in a wrecking yard on Saturday and installed them over the
weekend.  It was incredibly easy!  The window cranks were gone, but I
quickly found that the VW Golf handles work and look great too.

As a bonus, I snagged the MANUAL side mirrors from that car as well.  I
removed the dead electric mirror in the rallycross 4kq and the wiring,
too.  Now the only electric accessory left in that car is the sunroof and
that works!

Thanks again, guys.  It's nice to have reliable windows again.  And yes,
the door panels already had the holes in them.  I only had to cut the fabric.

P.S.  I weighed the window regulators on a postal scale.  The electric ones
are 4 lbs.; the manual ones were 2 lbs. each.  So there was a net loss of 4
lbs. of weight not including the weight of the wiring.  I forgot to weigh
the mirrors.

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