waterwagon. a3?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Aug 6 02:04:40 EDT 2002

Brett Dikeman writes:
> At 9:40 PM -0700 8/5/02, res0geyk wrote:
> >Driving from Seattle to Portland this weekend in the 4kq, I saw what
> >I guessed to be an a3 or s3.
> > ...
> Sounds very much like a pimped out VW Golf, particularly with the
> stickers.  A3's don't exist in the US, particularly with goofy
> stickers all over 'em.

Actually there is at least one A3 1.8T here in the US.  We all saw it at
Monterey Historics '99 where it made an appearance.  At that time it was
owned by H&R springs but apparently it has since been sold to a private party.
To see a pic of it, go here and click on image #23:


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