Trans X w/Pentosin?

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Tue Aug 6 11:08:30 EDT 2002

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I have been recommending Trans X for 5 years
now. I have never bought pentosin and used
conventional, in fact. Trans x works for most
leaks. My 84 turbo got it first. Leaking at
least 1 qt per week. Usually more. I knew of
trans x for their tranny sealer. I found the
power steering formula. Used it and never had to
so much as top it off for two more years until
the accident.
Next car 87 turbo 5spd. Same thing, never used
Next car 87 quattro. Badly leaking rack. Fluid
everywhere and would empty out quickly. Couldn't
find the power steering formula anywhere, so I
used the tranny formula. Worked within 1 day. In
fact, when I had the tranny r&r'd the mechanic
showed me the underside of the rack and we saw
only dust and no evidence of leakage.
My current 200 q has all rebuilt parts and I've
added a small amount to maintain the system. It
does use 11s.
I do agree that the best way to go is to
replace, but if there are financial and time
concerns, use the stuff. The rack is shot
anyway, you can go wrong, right?
BTW- Trans x doesn't work on seals like the
other stuff. It's clean residues off them and
allows the real oil to condition. Seals a lot of
pump and hose leakes, too. The ONLY stuff that
When I top off, I use Honda steering fluid. Not
sure if it mineral based. For this car, I might
go with 11s because it's in such amazing shape.

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