4k Brake light Stays on...

tnas at euronet.nl tnas at euronet.nl
Tue Aug 6 17:42:53 EDT 2002

Ero Rademer <erademer at igd.fhg.de> wrote:

>Steven Sprague wrote:
> > My 84 4ksq wants to keep the brake light on when the car
> > is parked and off.

> This car should have the brake light switch on the bracket of
> the brake pedal. This switch might be stuck close oder is simply
> misaligned. To align it, push it down in as far as possible while
> holding down the brake pedal, then let the pedal come up. This
> automagiocally should align the switch. It's like the interior
> light switch in the doors, it opens when pressed.

My '78 80 GLS (Fox) did the same when the brake light switch on the brake
booster was dead. There should be two of them and they're rarely both dead.
Just disconnect one and see if the lights go off.

HTH, Tom

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